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Government #Libya #News – Wall Street Journal: #ISIS trying to regroup in #Libya

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal published a report detailing attempts by #ISIS to rearrange its ranks in #Libya. It was reported that #ISIS is trying to form secret cells and regroup a year after losing the city of #Sirte.
The report stated that “jihadists” established bases outside Libyan cities in the past months, hijacked a number of fuel trucks in order to get money, and blackmailed smugglers- according to Libyan and European officials.
The report also claimed that #ISIS leaders asked their members to leave #Syria and go to #Libya in order to escape being targeted by the forces of the International Alliance led by the #USA.

In response to concern over #ISIS, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a news conference with his British counterpart Boris Johnson after the #London meeting. Tillerson stated that they are concerned that #Libya is becoming a stronghold for terrorist organizations, especially in relation to #ISIS’s re-emerging.

Furthermore, Sidra Amer Amran Nasr, a member of the House of Representatives for for #Nofaliya, gave a statement to #ArraedLG on September 3rd confirming that the activity of #ISIS remnants were apparent despite prior warnings.  Nasr added that #ISIS has reorganized near the field of Mabruk and Takarafat and South of #Sirte and #Ras_lanuf.

In late August, #ISIS targeted the #Nofaliya gate, Southeast of #Sirte, using a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber, which exploded at a gathering of Operation Dignity forces. This attack result in the death of many people. #ISIS also carried out another attack on 23 August targeting a checkpoint south-east of the city of #Al_Jufrah, commonly known as the Fuqaha gate. The checkpoint was controlled by Operation Dignity’s battalion 131- according to the commander of the battalion Abdul Rahman Bashir. This attack resulted in the death of 12 soldiers.

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