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#Government #Libya #News – Quartet and US support the United Nations map for #Libya and oppose independent initiatives

The United Nations, the European Union, the African Union and the Arab League have endorsed the plan of UN Envoy Ghassan Salame, noting that it sets out practical features for Libyan leadership and is inclusive.
The Quartet, in a statement on Friday, welcomed the Paris meeting, the Brazzaville meeting, the military meeting in Cairo and the upcoming meeting scheduled for late September in Tunisia between the two chambers of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State on hopes of beginning the amendment of the political agreement.
The Quartet expressed its concern at the deterioration of the security, economic and humanitarian situation in Libya and the danger of the return of state regulation to the areas previously liberated.

In the same context, the State Department confirmed on Friday, its rejection of individual initiatives that go beyond the political process led by the United Nations in Libya indicating support for the plan presented by UN Envoy Ghassan Salame.

In its statement, the Secretary of State stressed that the political agreement remains a reference to resolving the Libyan crisis, his support of pursuing dialogue to make “limited and agreed” amendments to the agreement, adopting a new constitution and preparing for elections.

TheState Department said that the United States is committed to working with Libya, the United Nations and international partners to achieve political reconciliation and defeat terrorism.

The first phase of Salame’s plan of action includes the amendment of the Libyan political agreement. In the second phase of the plan, a national conference will be held by the Secretary-General of the United Nations aimed at opening the door to those who did not participate in the political agreement. The Conference will bring together the members of the House of Representatives, the Supreme Council of the State and others who are poorly represented or not represented at all in these bodies. The members of the executive institutions that have been reconstituted in the country will be identified and selected on a consensual basis.

The final phase of the plan of action for Libya proposed by Ghassan Salame states that “within one year from now, the final stages of the process must be reached, including a referendum for the adoption of the constitution that will trigger the election of the president and the parliament and ending of the transitional period for Libya.

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