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#Government #Libya #News – Libyan Coast Guard targets fuel tanker in #Bukamash

The Libyan Navy spokesperson Ayoub Qasim affirmed in a statement to #ArraedLg that they are targeting an oil-smuggling tanker that entered the Libyan regional waters 3 days ago in the #Bukamash area, stating that it was carrying approximately 9 million litres of Diesel on board. The spokesperson reported that the Coast Guard teams attempted to initiate contact with the crew of the carrier, however they did not respond to the repeated appeals and the crew continued their attempts to contact  smugglers, but since they did not respond, the Coast Guards were forced to shoot, according to the statement.

Qasim explained that shooting punctured  the fuel and compartment tanks in the vessel, which is what caused an imbalance of the tanker, explaining that the teams had to withdraw to the #Tripoli base after the capture of the vessel, according to the statement.

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