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#Government #Libya #News – AFRICOM launches 6 strikes on #ISIS camp in #Libya

The US military command in Africa announced on Sunday that it launched six air strikes, in coordination with the Presidential Council, on an #ISIS camp in the Libyan desert.
AFRICOM forces released a statement on their official website stating that they targeted an #ISIS camp, last Friday, using six “accurate” air strikes. The airstrikes killed 17 #ISIS fighters, and caused the destruction of three vehicles. AFRICOM forces added that the camp is about 241 kilometers south of #Sirte.
AFRICOM explained that the camp is outside the control of the Libyan authorities; adding that the camp is used to direct terrorist attacks, store weapons and equipment, and recruit and facilitate the movement of foreign  fighters inside and outside #Libya.

The US strikes are part of international efforts to help the Government of National Accord in its fight against #ISIS and to work towards restoring stability and security throughout #Libya.
AFRICOM has supported the GNA miltary forces in their war against #ISIS; launching approximately 500 strikes against them in #Sirte since they began their operations on August 1st last year.

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