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Gnunu: Our forces are ready to respond to “Hifter’s gangs”.

The army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Mohamed Gnunu, said that the military forces are fully prepared to respond forcefully to the “war criminal gangs of Hifter and its mercenaries.”

Gnunu added, according to the media center of the volcano of Anger, on Monday, that the forces monitored the mobilization of HIfter’s mercenaries, with the UAE drones in the sky of the capital, stressing that they had recorded for the third consecutive day violations of the cease-fire from the Hifter forces in the axes of Aramlah and Salah_Addin.

Gnunu called on the displaced people to take care and be careful, and discard the idea of ​​returning to their homes at this time, in which the “militias” are let off and looking for any opportunity for revenge.

It is worth noting that Hifter left on Sunday, the Russian capital, Moscow, after he refused to sign the Russian-Turkish initiative to install a cease-fire which was signed by the Presidential Council.

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