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Gnono: The army is advancing in all the axes and all the movements of Hifter’s personnel are observed.

Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Muhammad Gnono, confirmed on Sunday that the army forces achieved field victories in the fighting axes south of Tripoli, on Saturday, and succeeded in dealing with a MiG-23 fighter plane, and arrested its pilot.

Gnono in a statement to Arraed held Hifter Pilots responsible for targeting civilian sites in Tripoli and Azawiah, and causing them to commit massacres against the Libyans, praising the army forces stationed south of Tripoli for carrying out the instructions clearly and completely in a professional way, he said.

“Gnono” said that the forces of the Operation Volcanoof Anger are aware of all the information of the movements of Hifter “militias”, and the abuses they are carrying out, by targeting civilians and torturing those arrested, as well as using prohibited munitions, and non-compliance with internationally recognized rules of engagement, and bypassing human rights treaties.

On the developments of the battle and the future plan, Gnono said, that all plans prepared by the Libyan army leaders are implemented from the heroes of the operation, each according to its location and time, stressing that the commitment to silence in some matters comes from sticking to secrecy as the basis for the success of the plan.

It is worth noting that the forces of Operation Volcano of Anger on Saturday made progress in the Yarmouk and Al-Khalatat axes and targeted the positions of Hifter militants and shot down a plane belonging to them, and arrested its pilot, “Amer al-Jaqam al-Urfi”.

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