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GNA health ministry allocates 19 million dinars for operations in public hospitals


The health ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) announced the allocation of 19 million dinars; to carry out operations in public specialized hospitals and centers .

The director of the media department in the ministry, Omar Matoug told ArraedLG, on Monday, they allocated 2 million dinars to the Tripoli Medical Center for heart surgery operations, 3 million dinars to the Benghazi Heart Surgery Hospital, 4.5 million dinars to the Tajwara Heart Hospital, 500  thousand dinars to conduct oncology surgery operations at Sabratha Hospital and 2 million dinars to the Benghazi Medical Center for oncology and bone marrow surgeries.


He pointed to the allocation of half a million dinars to Misurata Hospital for cornea operation and tumors surgery, in addition to 2 million dinars for liver, tumors, Urology, bladder cancer surgeries and congenital malformations of children in Tripoli Central Hospital.

Matoug explained that the kidney and liver transplant operations will take place in the Organs Transplant Center with a grant of 1.5 million dinars, and 2.5 million dinars assigned to the Sabha Medical Center for brain and nerves operations as well as spine and heart surgeries for adults.


The allocated sum for the operations comes under the development and improvement of the fourth quarter of the budget allocated to the Ministry of Health act for 2017.

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