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GNA head take on World Heritage sites banned in Libya

The Head of the Presidential Council (PC)of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Faiz Al-Saraj, discussed with the head of the Antiquities Authority, Mohamed Faraj the means of lifting the World Heritage Sites in Libya from the international embargo list.

According to the GNA media office, Al-Sarraj discussed with the members of the committee reviewing the recommendation of the World Heritage Committee on how to lift five Libyan sites off the list of buildings in danger, which the World Heritage Committee has consistently recommended it at the 41st session at the Polish city of Kara Cove.


In July last year, the World Heritage Committee decided to keep the five Libyan World Heritage Sites “the archaeological sites of Great Lebda, Sabratha, Cyrene -Shahhat, Tadrart Akakus and the ancient city of Ghadames” on the danger list another year.

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