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German DW: Biden’s policy towards the Libyan crisis will be at Haftar’s expense.

The German “DW” agency said that there are early and surprising steps from the new American administration headed by “Joe Biden” towards the complex Libyan crisis that will be at the expense of Khalifa Haftar without affecting the tribal forces in the eastern region.

In an analysis published Tuesday on its official website, the agency considered that the White House’s announcement of the suspension of the F-35 aircraft deal to the UAE is an indication of American pressure on the players over the Libyan chessboard, and that Egypt tried to build bridges with the Government of National Accord and according to leaks from Cairo, there is a tendency for The Egyptian leadership to distance itself from Haftar.

The agency added that the call of the head of the American mission to the United Nations, Richard Mills Jr., to immediately begin withdrawing all foreign forces from Libya, mercenaries, and military delegates, and to respect Libyan sovereignty, is a step to place the Libyan file on US foreign policy priorities, and an affirmation of Washington’s concern about the repercussions of the crisis Libya has on other strategic files, including requirements for the security of NATO’s areas of influence, oil and gas supplies, and the stability of the region.

The agency believed that the new US policy will dispel “the clouds that have wrapped around the American political in Libya for years under the administration of former President Donald Trump and the fluctuation between supporting Haftar at one time, at the expense of the reconciliation government, and a vacuum in the American stance regarding developments in Libya.”

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