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From Tripoli to Sirte, Haftar militias booby traps and landmines continue to claim civilian lives.

The western region was completely liberated by the Libyan army on June 4, and the hearts of the displaced families who had managed to return to their homes after an absence of nearly 14 months were joyful.

This joy was not completed due to the hatred of the militias of Haftar against the residents of the capital after their expulsion and heavy losses. After the first citizens entered the two areas of Almashrou and Ain Zara , they were surprised by the presence of mines and booby traps planted by the militias before their expulsion, in a brutal manner that brings to mind the approach of the Islamic State and its methods that must harvest the largest number of lives carelessly and that some of the victims must be children and women.

Not only did the axes south of the capital that suffered from mines, but the matter also reached the city of Sirte, where the militias fled, since 5 days ago the city witnessed the killing and wounding of several citizens in separate incidents as a result of a mine explosion here and there, the city is under the control of the Haftar militias, which confirms that they are the ones who planted them , and refuted the rumors that it was the Libyan army that did this.

Axes south of the capital

After the displaced started to return to their homes, they found booby traps and mines that were laid out in disingenuous and hideous ways, and in places that could not be imagined by anyone and by malicious methods, and they claimed many lives, as the number of its victims so far reached nearly 50 civilians, including dead and wounded, including the elderly, women and children, as well as a number of victims of the Military engineering teams and dismantling experts.

The head of the awareness department at the Libyan Center for Mine and War Remnants at the Ministry of Defense, “Khaled al-Wadawi”, said that the most affected areas in terms of the number of accidents are Ain Zara with 24 accidents, then Salah Addin with 14 accidents, then Traig Almatar with 7 accidents, then Almashrou with 6, and then Khalat Al-Furjan and Alahya Albaria with one incident each.

ISIS approach

Several days ago, there were many incidents of mine explosions on the residents of the city of Sirte, which is under the control of the Haftar militias and embracing the Russian mercenaries now, those mines that were planted by the Haftar militias claimed many lives.

According to a source from the city to Arraed, the citizens Suleiman Ibrahim Al-Qadhafi and Hawari Al-Zarrouk bin Omar Al-Qadhafi – were killed by a mine explosion in the Jarif area planted by Wagner’s mercenaries, and Haftar militias on the outskirts of the city.

In the same context, the spokesman for the Sirte and Al-Jufra liberation operations room, Brigadier Abdulhadi Drah, confirmed the killing of a shepherd in the area of ​​Umm Al-Khanfas, east of Sirte, and the injury of 3 children in the Zafaran area, as a result of the explosion of mines laid by the Haftar militias, according to the latest news received.

This shows that these militias, which call themselves “a national army,” time and time again, they destroy, take lives, and cause destruction wherever they go , and prevent the spread of peace and security and kill the joy of innocent people.

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