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From Moscow to Geneva … Aqeela Saleh makes visits in search of a political solution … Will he succeed Haftar ?

Many countries seeking to impose a political solution in Libya after the fall of the Haftar military project are looking for a representative of the eastern region at the dialogue table, and it seems that Aqeela Saleh, the Chairman of Tobruk’s Parliment, is the most appropriate and closest to succeed Haftar in the next stage.

Saleh appeared in the dress of the political man ready for dialogue during his repeated visits to a number of countries, most recently Russia and the Swiss capital Geneva, during which he met the Acting UN envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, who welcomed his stance in support of an immediate and lasting ceasefire in Libya.

Hifter is not acceptable

The writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer saw that the meetings of the international parties with Aqeela Saleh are only attempts to preserve the remainder of the Haftar project by communicating with Saleh as he is from the same system.

Al-Kabeer stated, in a statement to Arraed, that Haftar is no longer acceptable after his failure, and soon many will avoid him due to the impact of the progress of war crimes investigations, but the other half of the project related to the interests of the countries that support him will continue through Aqeela Saleh.

Al-Kabeer added that there is an obstacle that may arise at any time, which is Haftar’s refusal to be marginalized and his continued restrictions on Aqeela Saleh, which may require imposing some penalties on Haftar, who began preparing for that by transfering his money to gold through Venezuela.

Haftar excluded

For his part, the writer and journalist Mohamed Alshokri expressed his belief that there is an international consensus to withdraw Haftar from the dialogue’ table and to promote the character who has a popular incubator in the east, which is Aqeela Saleh.

Alshokri confirmed, in a statement to Arraed, that it was Aqeela Saleh who would lead the next stage in Cyrenaica despite the reservations that were registered against him, and that it remains to many that he is the best of the bad punch on the scene in the Libyan East.

And Alshokri indicated that the man, whatever his faults, is considered a civilian and not autocratic, and it is clear that the dialogue table will impose him on the Libyan parties, especially after the defeat of Haftar, who was an obstacle to political solutions.

Haftar’s marginalization

The writer Ali AbuZayd saw that there is a clear marginalization of Haftar internationally, and even France, which introduced him as a political party, has clearly abandoned him.

Abu Zayd indicated, in a statement to Arraed, that the focus on Aqeela Saleh in the introductory meetings now taking place is what confirms that Haftar’s gradual isolation from the scene has begun, adding that the countries of the axis of evil that supported him and try to keep him inside the political process will find themselves compelled to keep pace with the international generaltrend and bypass it.

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