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From Moscow to Algeria, through Geneva and Rome … Aqeela is searching for a political solution.

After Haftar loss and collapse of his military project after his militias were driven out of the western region and the countries that supported his project were convinced that it was impossible to achieve any significant achievement.

Speaker of the Parliament of Tobruk, Aqeela Saleh, started looking for a foothold for himself through roaming the land east and west to talk about a political solution that would end the acute crisis in the country, which became more complicated after Haftar’s military campaign against Tripoli last year that ended in a catastrophic failure.

important role

Aqieela Saleh discussed, on July 4, in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, mechanisms for stopping the fighting and implementing the Berlin decisions and the Cairo Declaration.

Saleh also met the President of the Russian Federation Council, “Valentina Matviyenko”, who stressed “the importance of the role played by Aqeela Saleh as Speaker of Parliament in calming the tension in Libya and resolving the crisis.”

A political solution

Acting Special Representative of the United Nations in Libya, Stephanie Williams, also met Aqeela Saleh, on July 10, in Geneva, and discussed ways to revive political dialogue again, the initiative of the Tobruk House of Representatives, and the need to intensify efforts to find a comprehensive political solution to the Libyan crisis.

“Williams” welcomed what she described as “Aqeela’s stance in support of an immediate and lasting ceasefire, especially in Sirte,” and the two sides appealed to the international parties to stop their negative interference in Libya and support the political process.

End the crisis

Saleh’s arrived In Italy , on July 14, in where he met Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo, the Italian Senate President Elisabetta Alberti and the President of the Italian Parliament, Roberto Fico.

The spokesman for the Parliament of Tobruk Abdullah Bleihaq said that the visit discussed the necessity of ending the Libyan crisis and the return of political dialogue as soon as possible, according to the outputs of the Berlin Conference, and the commitment to the ceasefire, describing the visit as “successful.”

Postpone a visit

Press sources spoke of the postponement of Saleh’s visit to Algeria, after it was scheduled to take two days, during which they would discuss with President “Abdul Majeed Tabun” the developments of the crisis in Libya.

Saleh visited Algeria on June 13, and was received by Parliament Speaker Suleiman Shanin and Foreign Minister Sabri Boqadoum.

One space

The website, “Africa Intelligence” revealed that Aqeela Saleh was hoping to end his European tour by visiting France, but he could not find any interlocutors, according to “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”.

The website added that “this matter is according to some observers is because at the time of the visit; Paris is trying to show that it stands at the same distance from the parties to the Libyan conflict, after being accused of being on the side of Khalifa Haftar all the time. ”

An alternative to Haftar

In a report published by “Anatolia” agency, last May, it stated that the international community is convinced that Haftar cannot be a partner for peace, and that the search for an alternative to Haftar has become more than necessary, adding that “Aqeela Saleh” may be a substitute for this “intransigent general” According to the report.

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