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French proposal to distribute oil revenues and members of the House of Representatives and the Supreme State reject.

The French newspaper Le Monde was able to uncover some of the mystery surrounding the surprise visit of Hifter to France, which was surrounded by many doubts and assumptions that seek understanding what happened with the defeated general within the walls of the Elysee.

And that by publishing the details of what it wrote, it is a French project to reopen the oil ports controlled by Hifter in exchange for distributing its revenues without passing through the Central Bank of Tripoli, which was rejected by a number of members of the House of Representatives and the state categorically.

rejected Invitations

Idriss Abufayed , a member of the Supreme Council of the State, believes that France’s calls for dividing oil revenues are totally and categorically unacceptable and should never be accepted.

Abufayed said, in a statement to Arraed, that the executive authorities represented in the Oil Corporation and the central bank under the supervision of the GNA are the only entities authorized to manage the revenues in a way that serves the country and the citizen.

Abufayed added that the French unfair calls have no purpose but to strengthen the aggressor financially and militarily, in order to aggravate the situation and make it worse for their interests is a cheap phenomenon even if is against the interests of the people and its right to self-determination and the establishment of a modern democratic civil state

Abufayed pointed out that France has no credibility, principles, morals, or humanity that govern its policy and its politicians.

Attempts to divide Libya

While a member of the House of Representatives of Tobruk, Ziad Deghem , confirmed that there is no explanation for the suspicious calls from France about dividing oil revenues except by trying to divide Libya in a hidden and gradual manner, and this is totally rejected.

Deghem added, in a statement to Arraed, that the fear now is from the direct implementation of what he called a “dangerous project” that has been prepared since mid-2018 about guardianship of oil, investments and the country’s money “oil-for-food project in a polite manner” by internationalizing the Operations Department of the Central Bank by establishing an international committee from the ten countries meeting in Berlin and representatives of the Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli and the parallel bank.

And Deghem said that there are personalities residing outside the country that support and market this “betrayal”, threatening to reveal their names, and that there will be no division of revenues outside the Central Bank of Libya and without a government of national unity and a consensual presidential council.

Bullying and blatant interference

State Councilor Mansour al-Hassadi described Paris’s requirement to reopen oil production and export by distributing its money outside the central bank as “bullying, banditry, and corruption,” also he described it blatant interference that must be answered.

Al-Hassadi added to the Arraed that this proposal has nothing to do with the equitable distribution of wealth, and that it is an attempt to support the military who are leading a coup from the Libyans ’money, noting that French President Emile Macron forgot that he is an expert and financial and banking inspector before he was president.

Observers believe that what was announced by the French newspaper Le Monde is not surprising about the colonial policy of France, which still sees in Africa and North Africa in particular, its inherent right, and not other countries; therefore, it strives to support tyranny and corruption wherever it occurs and wherever it exists.

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