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France Inter: stopping oil threatens Libya with bankruptcy.

A report of “France Inter” radio said that closing the oil ports and stopping the country’s oil production threatens Libya with bankruptcy and threatens a more difficult economic situation than what happened to the country in the past.

The report, prepared by radio correspondent in Tripoli, “Matthew Galtier” on February 21, added that many experts describe the forced closure of oil production as a time bomb, and that the country’s current production is barely sufficient to cover local needs.

“If the production stoppage continues, it will seriously affect the country’s economy and finance, and all the rest of Libya’s economy will be completely destroyed,” said the director of the “Petrostrategies” Institute, “Pierre Terziane”.

“Pierre Terziane” continued that a large and more serious liquidity crisis than what the country witnessed will occur if the current situation continues.

It is noteworthy that the National Oil Corporation announced on February 20 that losses of stopping groups loyal to Hifter the oil production and export were close to two billion dollars.

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