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France calls for the return to dialogue 5 + 5 … has it abandoned Haftar?

In a change in the position of France, which is known for its support for the military solution, through the leader of the aggressor forces, Khalifa Haftar, its Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Ludrian, called in a phone call to the President of the GNA, Fayez Al-Sarraj, to return to the talks of the Military Committee known as 5 + 5, which stumbled due to the intransigence of Haftar who wanted to continue Aggression on the capital.

It is not a radical transformation

Journalist and writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer confirmed that these statements are not a fundamental shift in the French position, but that they understand that their plan to enable Haftar to storm Tripoli – has failed.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to the pioneer, that it is not excluded that the recent American statements expressing the annoyance of the Russian presence – prompted France to search for a way out to keep Haftar a convenient place in any political negotiations.

Al-Kabeer indicated that the minister’s reference to the return to military negotiations is an expression of French concern that Haftar will leave Tripoli permanently and that he will lose some negotiating cards and weaken his position, which may cause a revolt against him in his areas of influence in the east.

Containing the Libyan file in European hands

For his part, the writer Ali Abuzayd saw that the French invitation, which was announced by Foreign Minister “Ludrian”, comes as part of a new attempt to contain the Libyan file in European hands after the growing role of Russia and its military presence at the expense of the European role.

Abuzayd explained, in a statement to Arraed, that the European Union countries, especially France, have not changed their stance or policy towards Libya, and this will undoubtedly make its role weak, and it seems that France is still insisting on supporting Haftar and keeping him in the political process.

Abuzayd indicated that this call aims to limit the progress of the GNA forces and give Haftar an opportunity to preserve some of his negotiating cards.

It is not an awakening of conscience

As for the writer Ibrahim Omar, he believes that France has not had a conscience awakening to the extent leaves Haftar and its project in Libya that it wants to achieve with its support to enable him to rule Libya, in order to control Libya’s oil and gas and reconstruction projects.

Omar stressed, in a statement to Arraed, that the only thing that can be understood from France’s pressure to restore life to the 5 + 5 military talks is that it comes because of the Russian intervention in Libya, which may develop to establishing a military base in central Libya, which negatively affects France’s role. Especially and the European Union in general in Libya.

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