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France and Italy need to resolve their disputes over Libya, says Al-Sarraj

The head of the Presidential Council (PC) said, France and Italy must resolve their bilateral disputes over Libya, adding there is no point in pouring more fuel into the fire.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Al-Sarraj confirmed his commitment to the outcome of the Paris conference and that the situation in Libya needs to be well prepared for the conference to be held in Italy in November.

Al-Sarraj said that there is nothing to prevent him from meeting with the leader of Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar if the outcome of the meeting is fruitful, because “it is useless to meet without results.”

“These recent inflammatory statements contradict the spirit of the Paris Agreement, in which we agreed to work together for common goals and to resort to dialogue only,” Al-Sarraj responded to a question on Haftar latest statements in which he declared his intention to give orders to his troops to control Tripoli.

The head of the Presidential Council said that the military attack on the capital is an irresponsible act, and pushes the country into civil war, indicating that Tripoli is for all Libyans, and anyone has the right to come and stay, but as a free and peaceful citizen, as he put it.

Al-Sarraj stressed the need for all parties to respect the ceasefire agreement and establish an authority to monitor and report on violations, adding that they have deployed the best anti-terrorism units and called on the international community to report who breaks the truce.

With regard to the fight against terrorism, the head of the PC considered that the “terrorists” exploited internal divisions in Libya and sought to destabilize the country and exploit its weaknesses.
Al-Sarraj said that the Libyan security forces reacted quickly to the attack on the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli, but they need more equipment to fight terrorism, and the help of the international community.

As for the elections, Al-Sarraj said that the draft constitution should be voted on first, but the parliament has not issued the referendum law so far, pointing to the need for the country to be safe as elections cannot be held in light of the current security chaos, stressing the need of election results to be accepted by all no matter what.

In light of all these statements and disputes between countries in order to extend their influence on Libya, Libyan citizen looks forward to move forward in the political and economic process to get out of the crises.

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