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Foreign Policy publishes an article about the changes that will affect the world because of corona.

The American magazine “Foreign Policy” published a report on the expectations and transformations that will affect the world after the Coruna epidemic, and took the opinions of a number of experts around the world, concluded that the world will be less open, less free and poorer.

The magazine report stated that the failure of the United States and the West in general in leading the world and turning the helm to China and the countries of Southeast Asia, while the balance of power in the global system will change very clearly.

The magazine pointed to the failure of international institutions to play the role that was expected in warning and coordination to reduce the crisis, and expected the disintegration of the European Union after the failure at the level of members in the face of the crisis.

Foreign Policy quoted former US diplomat Richard Haas as saying that most governments will struggle at home, search for self-sufficiency, governments will be hostile to immigration, reduce interest in climate change, while failed states will become more failed and weak, and that US-China relations will add more crises, and will affect European integration.

As for the American diplomat, “Nicholas Burns,” he said, that the economic repercussions of the crisis “may outweigh the financial crisis of 2008-2009, and could permanently change the world order and the balance of power as we know it.” So far, international cooperation is not enough. “

“If China and the United States do not leave out accusations about who is behind the crisis and deal with it, their credibility will be affected,” Burns added. If the European Union cannot protect its five hundred million citizens, then national governments will retrieve more powers from Brussels. ”

In his statement to the magazine, the former Singaporean academic and foreign minister, Kishore Mahbubani, saw that the virus would transform globalization centered around America into globalization centered on China, saying: “The American people lost their faith in globalization and international trade with or without President Trump, while the Chinese people did not . “China’s integration with the world late in the last century gave confidence to the Chinese that they can compete anywhere, and therefore I see China has won.”

The director of the Bruckinger Institute, “John Allen,” made it clear that the crisis would reshape the “global power structure in unimaginable ways.”

The virus will continue to put pressure on economic activities and increase tensions between countries, and in the long run the epidemic will reduce the productive capacity of the global economy. ”

Allen added that “the risk of isolation will be great, especially for developing countries that have a large portion of the economically unprotected workforce.” The world order will come under great pressure, resulting in instability and disputes between and within countries.

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