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Foreign Policy: Egypt’s military intervention in Libya is difficult because of its limited capabilities.

The American Institute “Foreign Policy Research” considered that the arrival of the Egyptian army to the western regions of Libya is a difficult task, and this greatly limits the options for Cairo.

The institute revealed, in an analysis on Tuesday, that the challenge of military access to Al-Jufra and Sirte, and the potential risks of escalation with Turkey – may compel Cairo to content itself with a symbolic intervention rather than engage in actual fighting, and would prefer to leave the defense of Sirte and Al-Jufrah to the Emiratis and Russians, indicating that Russia supported intervention of the Egyptian army in the Libyan conflict, according to “Aljazeera” quoting the institute.

The institute added that the Egyptian army suffers mainly in containing armed groups in the Sinai, and the Egyptian ground forces may suffer a great loss in Libya if the resistance continues against them.

The institute stated that the Egyptian Air Force’s ability to provide air cover is limited ; Because of the long distance and the weakness of its capabilities to refuel in the air, the misuse of guided munitions, and poor coordination, noting that the Egyptian navy could be deterred off the Libyan coast as a result of the presence of “Turkish naval vessels” according to the report.

And “Foreign Policy Research” indicated that the Egyptian regime prefers to avoid any failed scenarios, for fear of distorting the image that it developed locally as a military force and from which it derives a sense of political legitimacy.

On July 21, Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi threatened military intervention in Libya, drawing red lines in Sirte and AlJufra, which should not be crossed by the Libyan army.

It is worth noting that some representatives of Tobruk who support the aggression against Tripoli and the closure of ports and oil fields called, last Monday, the Egyptian army to intervene to prevent the army from taking control of the city of Sirte and liberating the ports from the Wagner and Janjaweed mercenaries.

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