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Foreign Ministry: We count on Algeria to stop the aggression.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohamad Alqiblawi said on Tuesday that Libya is counting on Algeria to stop the aggression as a neighboring country and had not been involved in the crisis militarily.

Alqiblawi added, according to the Anatolia Agency, that Algeria will play a role in stopping the aggression against the capital, Tripoli, and the stability of the country, referring to the statement issued by the Algerian presidency that Tripoli is a red line.

Alqiblawi welcomed Algeria’s invitation to attend the Berlin conference, saying, “We are reaping what we have tried to focus on in the previous days of engaging Algeria in any political settlement.”

It is worth noting that the Algerian presidency confirmed, in its statement on Monday after the visit of Prime Minister of the GNA Fayez Asarraj, that “the Libyan capital, Tripoli, is a red line that no one crosses,” and called on the Security Council to “impose an immediate ceasefire.”

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