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Five states will decide the US election tussle.

Expectations indicate that there are five states that will determine the fate of the US elections, which are being contested by Republican President “Donald Trump” and his rival, “Joe Biden” today, Tuesday.

Surveys indicate Biden’s superiority in the state of “Michigan” by seven points, but there are estimates of the recent rise in the popularity of “Trump” in the state, which poses a threat to Biden’s chances of winning it – according to Euro News Channel –

“Trump” is better in “Wisconsin” by ten points than “Biden” in the suburbs of the major cities of the state, while “Biden” remains six points ahead in the state as a whole.

In the state of “Georgia”, which has not witnessed the superiority of any candidate since 1992 Georgia, expectations indicate that “Biden” will surpass by 0.8 points.

While the state of “Florida” is witnessing the superiority of “Biden” by 1.2 points in the state, as the state has elected the US president in all elections since 1996.

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