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Financial Times: “Wagner” and Syrians in Hifter ranks may bring the Corona to Libya.

The British Financial Times website warned, on Saturday, that the Russian company “Wagner” exposes Libya to the threat of coronavirus by transporting Syrian mercenaries to fight with Hifter, through flights operated by the “Cham Wings” Company to Benghazi.

And the website, on its official page, quoted a militia member from southern Syria who said that he was recruited to fight in Libya with Hifter militias through a Russian company that sponsored his transfer and set him a monthly salary of about $ 1,000 a month to protect oil facilities.

The site said, “Wagner’s group” sent 200 Russian mercenaries to Libya for the current year, and recruited 300 others out of 400 Syrians to fight in the ranks of Haftar, and that the UAE supported him with thousands of tons of weapons, explaining that Hifter lacks the human forces and needs more mercenaries.

The site explained , there is a growing role for a new alliance in the region between the internationally isolated Bashar al-Assad regime and the militia leader Hifter and that Assad sought to build relations with Hifter with Russian support by opening an embassy in Damascus and opening an office for the cham Wings in Benghazi.

The site added, that “Wagner” has an extensive presence and fighting in Syria alongside Assad and that they used their experience in Syria to win contracts in Libya and other countries so that its forces can help the goals of Russian foreign policy.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of the Interior reported, on Wednesday, that the Cham Wings Airlines had recently transferred Syrian mercenaries and experts linked to Wagner mercenaries, terrorist elements of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to Benghazi to support Hifter.

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