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“Financial Times” reveals that two UAE companies are embroiled in the shipment of aircraft fuel to Haftar.

British newspaper “Financial Times” revealed, according to documents seen by it, that two UAE-based companies have shipped nearly 11,000 tons of jet fuel to eastern Libya, in a suspected violation of the international arms embargo.

The newspaper pointed out that the documents indicate that the fuel supplier was “Afrifin Logistics FZE”, which is based in Sharjah, and transported the shipment through a Liberian flag carrier operated by the Gulf Shipping Services Company (FZC).

“We are very concerned about this incident, because the illegal import of aircraft fuel by the parallel eastern national oil company is very likely to be used to support the operations of Haftar’s air force,” the UN mission envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, told the newspaper. The Tripoli-based the legitimate NOC is already supplying the eastern region with sufficient quantities of jet fuel for commercial use.

And the “Financial Times” quoted the National Oil Corporation, that there is no civil justification for the import of jet fuel to eastern Libya.

The newspaper added that the shipment, which is under investigation by a United Nations expert committee, reached a market value of about $ 5 million at the time it was loaded in the UAE, and arrived in Benghazi last March.

It is worth noting that the National Oil Corporation considered, last March, the arrival of a shipment of aviation fuel to the port of Benghazi, in clear violation of the exclusive right of the National Oil Corporation agreed upon internationally, and the decision to ban the supply of weapons imposed by the Security Council.

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