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Financial Times: Haftar has become a burden on France.

Britain’s Financial Times said on Monday that Haftar has become a burden on France, and that Paris is directing accusations against Ankara in a try to cover up its mistake by relying on him.

In a report published, the newspaper added that France was the only European country to acknowledge the support of Haftar, who launched an attack on the capital, Tripoli; With the aim of toppling the legitimate United Nations-backed government.

The newspaper pointed out, according to a European diplomat, who is a high-ranking official, in which he says, the French have realized that Haftar has no value any more, and has become a burden on France, and I think they feel ashamed; Because they made a mistake again, adding, “Let’s be honest, Turkey has prevented the fall of Tripoli. If Turkey had not intervened, a humanitarian catastrophe would have occurred.”

The newspaper pointed out that the French President Emmanuel Macron’s accusations against Turkey of its role in Libya raised doubts among many European diplomats, stressing that the rest of the European countries consider Haftar a major obstacle to a political solution in Libya.

It is worth noting that French President Emmanuel Macron denied in a statement last week that his country supported Haftar in his attack on Tripoli, after 14 months of French support and silence.

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