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Financial corruption plunges institutions in the eastern region … and there is no talk except about marginalization and the distribution of wealth.

Under false pretenses to justify their support for the aggression against the capital and cover up for corruption, supporters of the aggression raised slogans of oppression, fighting corruption and militias robbing of financial institutions in the capital, Tripoli, and justified the closure of oil installations by the lack of a fair distribution of its revenues.

However, the supporters of the war forgot or turned a blind eye to the rampant corruption in the east, without control and wasting the millions that were allocated there, and justifying their actions to the capital with unreasonable arguments.

administrative corruption

The head of the parallel government, in an interview with the Associated Press, accuses the GNA of not distributing oil revenues to the eastern region, although most of the oil ports are located in eastern Libya, and instead it only transfers the salary budget.

Athani revealed in previous statements about Hifter’s interference in his government’s affairs, his unilateral decision making, and robbing the government’s powers in his favor, explaining that there are powers granted to military investment with significant expansion without coordination with the government, stressing that the decision to establish the Military Investment Commission that robbed some of the powers of state agencies was made without any consultaion with the government.

Athani explained that this commission charges $ 500 for every individual of the foreign labor entering the country, and this is considered one of the functions of the Ministry of Labor, according to him.

Witness from them

The governor of the parallel central bank in Benghazi, Ali alhibri, said that 20 million dinars were allocated to remove the debris from the center of the city in Benghazi, spent in three days without removing the debris.

Alhibri added, in a televised statement, that he called for reconsideration and found errors in the data, and we prepared a new public tender that included the center of the city,Asabri and the interior areas valued at $ 68 million.

Bankruptcy at stake

The Central Bank of Albayda announced that it had run out of funds to continue to allow the parallel government to borrow from the bank, urging it to search for suitable alternatives to finance the budget and not to involve the central bank in what it does not concern it in terms of budget financing issues.

The citizen’s shoulders

Merchants working in misaad border crossing with Egypt in the eastern region protested against the corruption that was engulfing the parallel government, and Withholding their goods from the Libyan markets, which caused the price of goods to rise due to “personal differences”,

The merchants added that they paid bribes to the customs services and the border crossing police in exchange for the release of official papers, entry without stamp or health examination, and the lack of security mechanisms to control the flow of goods.

Forced drain

The head of the State’s Supreme Council, Khaled Almishri, stated earlier that the public debt in the eastern region’s banks had reached 50 billion dinars over the past years.

Almishri said that the banks of Alwahda, Trade and Development, in addition to the National Commercial bank to a lesser degree, are almost bankrupt and almost collapsing in the coming period, adding that the Trade, Development and Alwahda banks, whose headquarters are in Benghazi, have exhausted all the assets and funds of the depositors.

The Minister of the Interior, Fathi Bashaga, had revealed that the aggression of Khalifa Hifter on the capital Tripoli cost $ 36 billion in lost oil revenues, and that his printing of the currency in Russia had led to a devaluation of the dinar.

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