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Fazan’s Movement: Our Movement Is Peaceful And Has Nothing To Do With The Facility Guards

The coordinator of the “Fazan Anger” movement Musbah Ellafy, on Monday, said that the movement is peaceful and has nothing to do with the oil installations guards, and they will continue to protest in order to implement their demands.

In a statement to ArraedLg, Ellafy stated that the movement refuses to communicate with the representatives of the southern region in the governments, stressing that they are in contact with some quarters, and had refused to disclose them at the moment.

Ellafy confirmed that their demands lye in operating of the Obary gas station, the maintenance of the Samno and Umm Al-Jadawel stations, also the support of the military and security establishment in the south, and securing the road from Al-Jufra to Qatroun and from Shu’irif to Ghat.

In addition to the appointing the people of the southern region in the oil institutions, and the activation of the decision of announcing the Fazan region distressed, and the release of salaries of all the people of the South in all sectors and the establishment of a refinery and the institution of a refinery and an oil studies Institute in the south.

On Sunday, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced Al-Sharara oilfield shutting down by the protesters of the movement of “Fazan’s Anger”, stressing that it would cost the Libyan state  32.5 million dollars a day.

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