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Facebook reveals … Wagner from the defeat in front of the volcano on the walls of the capital to funding pages attacking the political dialogue.

After the series of defeats that Russia suffered through its “Wagner” mercenaries which it deployed in Libya, and after they planted mines south of the capital, Tripoli, which caused the death and injury of dozens of innocent people, “Wagner” is still destabilizing Libya through its electronic army. Where the social networking site “Facebook” revealed the closure of hundreds of fake accounts on its platforms “Facebook and Instagram”, which attack the political dialogue and distort its parties and outputs, with Russian funding from the leader of a mercenary group “Wagner.”

The groups originated within three networks, in Russia and France, a number of which target Libya, through a repeated, fake attack targeting in a coordinated manner the Libyan political dialogue, its outputs, and its parties.

Facebook has removed hundreds of accounts, pages and groups, and those who manage them, associated with previous activity by the Internet Research Agency (IRA-Russia), funded by “Yevgeny Prigozhin”, who leads the “Wagner” mercenary group.

These accounts and other pages and many of the fake groups funded by the leader of the “Wagner” “Facebook” said that they convey secrets and the scenes of political dialogue and constantly transmit false news about its failure, and about the disagreements that prevail among its members that almost lead to a dead end, according to those accounts.

The accused Russian network, which included 211 accounts, 126 pages and 16 groups on the “Facebook” website, in addition to 17 accounts on Instagram. This network used citizens from Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Syria.

Those Accounts, also practiced disinformation, by alleging the existence of deals taking place within the dialogue forum, and arrived at its publications to claim that its results are decided.

The “Facebook” network said that the accounts run by Russian networks, in addition to their adapters, distort and sabotage the course of political dialogue. They supported the leader of the aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar and Saif Gaddafi, and strongly criticized Turkey and the Government of National Accord, during which it spent over 186 thousand dollars on the sponsored publications on “Facebook.” “.

Facebook cited a number of examples of content published by some of these pages, including “the claim that Khalifa Haftar controlled Libya,” and “alleged support for terrorist groups in Libya by Qatar and Turkey.”

In similar attempts, in the year 2109, Facebook closed hundreds of accounts, pages and groups in a similar operation, which was funded by the UAE and operating from the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, as well as Cairo and Saudi Arabia, to support Haftar’s aggression against the capital, Tripoli.

As for the 2019 operations that took place in Egypt and the UAE, the “Facebook” company stated that it closed 259 accounts, 102 pages, 5 groups and 4 events, and also closed 17 accounts through the “Instagram” application, and in the second operation in Saudi Arabia, Facebook closed 217 accounts, 144 pages and 5 groups on Facebook and 31 accounts via Instagram.

All of these operations were carried out with large money in hard currency that Russia and the UAE paid and spent in particular, to mislead the Libyans through “Facebook” and other platforms.

“Facebook” made it clear that some of these networks have given themselves misleading titles, such as fashion, animals, humor and handicrafts, but they frequently publish political news and elections in one direction that supports Haftar and Russian mercenaries.

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