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European official: The recent bombing of Tripoli was not random.

The director of the Rome office of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Arturo Parvelli, said on Friday that the recent bombing on the vicinity of the Italian and Turkish embassies were not random.

And Vargelli, in statements reported by Italian news agency Aki, expressed the belief that his country is targeted by Haftar, pointing to the bombing of the vicinity of the residence of the Italian ambassador, Giuseppe Boccino, as well as the bombing of the military academy adjacent to the complex that includes the Italian field hospital in Misurata last Wednesday was not random. .

Vargelli added that Italy’s stance on the Libyan crisis disturbs the one based in Barqa. He explained that it appears to him that Haftar is getting desperate, and even the recent bombing operations seem to prove this, while he is losing a lot of space on the ground, according to the agency.

And Vargelli said that the developments of the crisis in Libya would force Europe to make clearer and more decisive decisions towards Haftar, indicating that it was clear that there was an aggressor party, which is “Haftar” while this was always avoided, according to the source.

It is worth noting that the militias of Haftar targeted, Thursday, the area surrounding the embassies of Turkey and Italy, in Zawiat Dahmani area in Tripoli, which led to the death of 3 individuals, including two security members protecting the two embassies.

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