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Euro-Med observatory : “Wagner” planted mines in Sirte, similar to what “ISIS” did.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights observatory expressed its grave concern about the dangers of mines and explosives planted by the “Wagner mercenaries” in Sirte; For its ability to claim the lives of many people, unlike what happened south of Tripoli.

The observatory added, in a report, that the mine laying operation follows the same strategies as ISIS in 2016, but this time from the Russian Wagner militia contracted with Haftar’s militias, which planted large quantities of mines in the city and the roads leading to it from the south and west, according to what Arabi 21 reported.

The observatory revealed the existence of a variety of mines that were planted in Sirte, some of which are equipped with operating wires that explode as soon as pressed, and some are catalysts to detonate more dangerous and powerful devices, and some are used as anti-vehicles.

The Observatory emphasized that these mines were designed in a way that aims to inflict disability and injuries that lead to permanent impairments, and in many cases they reach the killing of people, by simply approaching and touching them.

It is worth noting that Haftar’s militia, with the help of the Russian Wagner Forces, planted a large number of mines south of Tripoli and the city of Sirte, killing 160 people, among them civilians and mine clearance experts.

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