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EU High Representative Calls for “Prosecution of Human Traffickers” in Libya

In response to the CNN video of human trafficking in Libya, many people and organizations had shown their outrage towards the Libyan authorities to capture those responsible for the crimes.


The  Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Accord stated that they assure the international community, and the human rights advocated that the religion and customs of the Libyan people do not allow or promote the trade of human beings, and an investigation into the reported situation will be open.


Over the past few days since the release of the video from CNN, organizations such as the UN,  the African Union Commission and the EU stated their dismay on the issue of human trafficking of migrants in Libya.


The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini said in a statement, “Brussels is determined to pursue the human traffickers and bring them to justice and to improve the lives of migrants in Libyan territory”.


The EU and the African Union Commission both condemned the issue of the migrant trafficking as what Mogherini called it to be “terrible, and criminal”. The European Union also called on the Libyan government to expedite the prosecution of those responsible for trafficking in human beings to justice.


Besides the organizations, people around the world have been demonstrating their anger in protest of human trafficking taking place in Libya.  On Saturday, hundreds of people, mostly of African descent,  protested in front of the Libyan embassy in Paris, France to demonstrate against the atrocity. One protester said, “We have to mobilize- we can’t let this kind of thing happen… did we really need to see such shocking pictures [CNN] before taking a stand?” as quoted in the New York times.


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