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Essallak: There Was No Agreement Signed During The Abu Dhabi Meeting

A spokesman for the President of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Essallak, on Wednesday, said that the meeting of Abu Dhabi did not result in the signing of an agreement, but was only a consultative meeting.

During a press conference, Essallak stated that there was a consensus at the Abu Dhabi meeting on reducing the transitional period, unifying the state institutions, completing the parliamentary and presidential elections before the end of the year, and providing the appropriate atmosphere for them and supporting the efforts of the UN envoy in this regard.

Essallak confirmed that Al-Sarraj stressed several constants, including the civil state, and that there is no military solution to the crisis, indicating that there is no alternative to the option of dialogue and negotiation to heal the wounds between the Libyans.

The head of the presidential council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the leader of the Karama operation, Khalifa Haftar, gathered on Thursday in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, agreeing that the military would be subordinate to the civil authority, ending the transitional stages and holding a democratic elections.

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