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Erdogan declares of prospective meeting with Putin on Libya … Will he succeed in stopping Russian support for Hifter?

After the Libyan side’s insistence and Turkish determination to move forward with the maritime security agreement between them, international stance began to support the sovereignty of the two countries and their right to conclude joint agreements despite the opposition of Greece and Cyprus.

On the positive international stances on this agreement, Turkish President Recep Erdogan stressed in press statements that his country is ready for more military support in the event that the reconciliation government requests it, and stated that he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the Libyan file and settle the Libyan crisis. Will Erdogan succeed in influencing the Russian position which is supporting Hifter?

May be affected

The researcher and political expert, Muhammed Boyasir said, that the international circles are awaiting a military operation that Turkey may announce in the coming days, after the statements of Turkish President Recep Erdogan, especially since these statements were preceded by a political move related to the display of intent to reach an understanding with all parties, especially with the Russian side, to get out of the military equation in return for an economic share in the reconstruction operations, in agreement with the Government of Accord.

Buisier added in a statement to the pioneer that Erdogan’s statements may make HIftEr from “the clear conquest” to “how to get out of the impasse”, after Turkey has benefited from two main elements in the international position toward Libya, the inability to make any progress in the political file, and the US-British discomfort over the Russian leak to this country.

Potential for impact

For his part, journalist Abdullah Al-Kabeer saw that it is possible that Erdogan will succeed in persuading the Russians to reduce their support for HIftEr ,given that Russian President Vladimir Putin trusts Erdogan and they have multiple alliances and cooperation in several issues.

Al-Kabeer indicated in a statement to the Arraed that if Russia decides to continue the incursion into Libya then the matter will not exceed coordination between them to avoid collision or conflict of interests.

One mindset

For his part, journalist Ali AbuZayd emphasized that the Turks understand very well the Russian mentality and what it wants in the region, so Turkish President Erdogan is likely to play a role in restoring the Libyan-Russian relations that have been fractured since the collapse of the Gaddafi regime.

Abu Zayd said in a statement to Arraed that coordination between Ankara and Tripoli is now at its highest levels, which makes the Putin and Erdogan meeting very important because it comes before the Berlin conference, which will strengthen the Turkish presence in support of the reconciliation government.

The political process in Libya and the suspended military situation abroad and inside, despite the army’s advances on Hifter militants who are still waiting for the Berlin conference and the meeting of Erdogan and Putin to finalize solutions, either with a political or military solution that favors reconciliation after Turkish declared support.

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