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Egypt denounce, the deputies condemn .. What is the concept of national sovereignty in the parliament of Tobruk?

The pro-Hiftir parliament and its allies as Egypt have condemned the memorandum of understanding signed by the internationally recognized reconciliation government with its Turkish counterpart.

The condemnation of Tobruk deputies came a few hours after the Egyptian Foreign Ministry condemned the agreement, which cut the road for Egypt to impose its control over the maritime border with Libya. Why did the deputies wait for more than 12 hours to sign the agreement to condemn it, and why they talked about the Libyan sovereignty in this context ?!and did not talk when It was violated in al-Kharrouba and Alwittia and Aljufra

Al-kharouba base :

In 2017, satellite imagery showed the presence of an Emirati military base in eastern Libya, specifically in Al-Kharouba.

The UAE military base, as it appeared in the pictures, contains a number of drones supporting Hiftir in Benghazi and his accomplices in the south and in his aggression against Tripoli.

Despite these drones bombing several Libyan civilians who are supposed to be represented by the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives exercised its habit of turning a blind eye to UAE interventions in Libya and infringement of the sovereignty of Libyan territory.

Alwittia base :

From the east to the west, intelligence revealed the presence of a number of Russian officers and officials at the base of Alwittia to conduct the military air operations to support Hifter in his efforts to capture the capital Tripoli.

The Russian presence did not stop at Al-Wittia base , where pictures and videos of Russian mercenaries hired by Hiftir were used to kill anyone standing on his way to the seat of power, even if they were unarmed civilians. However, all these interventions have not been condemned by the House of Representatives, and it seems that Russia has become a legitimate heir to Libya and has the right to interfere and tamper with the sovereignty of the country.

Al-Jufra base :

In the far south, new signs of Hiftir’s violation of Libyan sovereignty have emerged after the presence of Janjaweed and Sudanese opposition mercenaries at the Jafra base in the south of the country.

Al-Jafra military base is the largest military base in southern Libya, HiftIr decided to hand it over to non-Libyan fighters.

This puts a lot of question marks on the truth of his slogans , patriotic rhetoric and the restoration of the army to its position, and for the third time deputies of Tobruk forget the meaning of sovereignty and its violations as long as it did not come from the GNA and it came from Hiftir.

Official confirmation

After Hiftir’s supporters tried to deny reports of violations of national sovereignty in three different parts of Libyan territory, Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga came out to confirm that Hifter and his accomplices handed over military air bases to foreigners.

Bashaga said in statements to international newspapers that Hifter handed the Al-Jafra base to the UAE and  the  Al-Wittya base to the Vagner mercenaries  to carry out acts that threaten the lives of civilians.

Bashaga added that Hifter’s operations are confusing counterterrorism efforts where he became a mere tool that does not take into account anything, including the dangers of growing terrorism and chaos in order to achieve his narrow personal interests.

Most Libyans counted on the members of the House of Representatives in Tobruk to bring the country to safety and to emerge from the successive crises in Libya since 2013.However, the hopes of Libyans were ignored and the the deputies became puppets in the hands of the UAE and Egypt and dependent on the statements issued by these countries, perhaps the latest of what happened with Memorandum of Understanding between Libya and Turkey, where Egypt denounced followed be the deputies condemnation.

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