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Drah : Sirte is a red line and we will not concede its liberation.

The spokesman for the joint operations room Sirte – Al-Jufra of the Libyan army, Brigadier Abdulhadi Drah, said that the city of Sirte is a red line for us, and we will not give up its liberation.

Drah added, in an interview with Anatolia Agency, on Monday, that the Libyan army forces paid a heavy price during the liberation of Sirte from the terrorist organization ISIS in 2016.

Drah pointed out that the army managed to take control of the town of Alwishka and regained it from the Haftar militias in just one hour, and the army was forced to withdraw to locations 30 kilometers from the city of Sirte; Because of the minefields planted by the Haftar militias, ”and the intense air attacks on the army.

Drah called on the residents of Sirte, prominent opinion leaders in the city, and the influential families there, to contribute to the removal of the militias of Haftar and the foreign mercenaries associated with him from Sirte and join the Libyan government.

It is reported that the spokesman for the Sirte and Al Jufrah Operations and Security Operations Brigadier General, “Alhadi Drah” confirmed, last Sunday, that the Wagner mercenaries completely booby trapped the area west of the city of Sirte; To hinder the progress of Operation “Droob Alnaser” forces.

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