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Displaced of the aggression .. Continuous suffering amid government neglect.

The treacherous attack launched by Khalifa Haftar on the capital, Tripoli, caused the displacement of about 340,000 people, and although 8 months have passed since the aggression was repelled, thousands of displaced people are still suffering in light of the state’s failure to pay attention to them.

I am still displaced

“Widad Aoun” – 38 years old – is still living in conditions of displacement after she fled her home on Al-Abyar Road in Ain Zara on the day of the attack on the south of the capital, Tripoli.

Widad told Arraed: The reason for not returning home is because of its damage. As a result of the war and its inability to maintain it.

She added, “I get 740 dinars a month that is not sufficient even for the requirements of living, let alone the maintenance of a house that needs thousands to repair it, asserting that dozens of residents of her area were unable to return to their homes for the same reason.

Widad believes that the solution to their suffering and people like her is by providing compensation to them by the government, adding that they are outside the interest of the previous government, asking the current prime minister to pay attention to the file of the displaced, similar to his interest in Tawergha and his visit to it.

Limited income

The economic analyst, “Abdul-Hamid Fadil,” agrees with the words of his predecessor, saying: Most of the displaced are people with limited incomes, and that even those who returned to their home did that by self-efforts without any interest from the state.

He told Arraed, the displaced have exhausted all their savings and that some of them lost their jobs in a private school or a destroyed factory. As a result of the aggression on Tripoli, they are moreover victims of high prices, confirming that the vast majority of the displaced live below the extreme poverty line.

“Fadil” believes that the solution to the issue of the displaced is to register them, and start rebuilding their homes, using a mechanism that the state deems appropriate, stressing that the assessment of the damages value must take into account the high prices, ruling out any signs of an urgent solutions for them.

Did the state fail?

A member of the Council of diginitries of the Municipality of Ain Zara “Miftah Al-Fiqi” admits the state’s failure to address the displaced, who are in need and whose suffering has not been resolved despite the passing of two years of the aggression on Tripoli, adding that his municipality recorded the largest wave of displacement among the municipalities of Greater Tripoli.

He agrees with the displaced, in the presence of failure by the state, saying: The state did not provide the displaced with anything but food aid, calling for attention to the displaced, similar to to the PM visit to Tawergha and his pledge to resolve the housing file of its people.

Al-Fiqi believed that the best solution now is to give compensation allowances for the displaced, to end their suffering, and reduce the difficult conditions in which they live

85 thousand displaced families

Former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Local Government in the Government of National Accord, Abdul Bari Shenbaro, estimated the number of families displaced as a result of the aggression on the capital, Tripoli, at 85,000 displaced families.

He added, on his personal page on the social networking site Facebook, that the number of damaged homes reached nearly 125,000 in the municipalities of Ain Zara, Abu Salim, Tajura, Al-Aziziyah, Al-Sawani, and Qasr Bin Ghashir in the southern suburbs of Tripoli.

“Half of the capital’s population were exposed to Haftar’s fire in his attack on the city,” he said.

The new government has so far not introduced any clear programs to compensate the displaced or maintain their damaged homes.

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