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Discrepancies in the statement of the foreign affairs of Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and France, with the participation of the UAE, which does not overlook the Mediterranean.

We wonder what is the relationship of the UAE with Libya, it does not have boundaries, nor any agreements, they are continents apart. The Emirates are not even among the countries that overlook the Mediterranean.

We ask these questions after they participated in a conference held by the foreign ministers of Egypt, Greece, Cyprus and France over the Internet, to discuss what they said were their concerns about the agreement signed by Turkey and Libya in the security and maritime fields in November last year.

The ministers, in a statement issued by them, protested what they described as the “Fayiz Asarraj” agreement with Turkey, without mentioning its characteristic, or without mentioning Libya, in reference to his signing of the maritime and security agreements between the GNA and the Turkish state without observing the lowest political protocols.

In their statement, the ministers demanded observance of the truce during the month of Ramadan in Libya, while Haftar bombed civilians day and night in Tripoli, as the number of civilian deaths reached more than 35 people only in the month of Ramadan until now.

This alleged truce, which Haftar unilaterally announced last week after his recent successive defeats, his loss of the cities of the West Coast, and the besieging of Alwittia base, and the city of Tarhuna, the main stronghold of the militias of Haftar in the western region, and they also know that the war criminal has turned against all legitimacies and never committed to agreements of truce, or to signatures in all the conferences held on Libya for years.

The ministers’ statement condemned what They described as the Turkish military intervention in Libya, urging Turkey to fully respect the UN arms embargo and stop the flow of “foreign fighters from Syria to Libya” at a time when the UAE continues to ship weapons from the Sweihan base in Abu Dhabi to the Al-Khadim base near Almarj East of the country, mercenaries from Sudan and Syria, and Russian Wagner mercenaries, who numbered in Libya about 1,200 fighters with the Haftar militias, continue to be transported, according to the report of the expert team on Libyan affairs published by Agence France-Presse.

Egypt was also involved in supporting the militias of Haftar with weapons and soldiers, the last of whom was killed in the axes of Salah Adin, according to the statement of Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga.

These countries call for respecting the Security Council resolutions and the outputs of the Berlin Conference on the Prohibition of Weapons, while Egyptian munitions, armored vehicles and UAE drones fill the armoury of Haftar militias.

And with France’s insistence on the implementation of the Irene process in the Mediterranean, to monitor the arms embargo despite the presidential council’s rejection of this process as it is biased to Haftar as weapons flow to him from the air and land borders in the east.

The French role supporting Haftar is still the same despite the recognition by France of the GNA as the sole legitimate representative of Libya, and recently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested the entry of a French war plane, Rafale type, into the city of Misurata and the Abu Qrain area where the clashes between the army and the Haftar militias.

The main aim of these countries is to nullify the maritime and military agreement between Libya and Turkey, thanks to which the Libyan army forces were able to overturn the military balance in favor of the Libyan army forces defending the capital.

And by returning to the reality, the marine agreement between Libya and Turkey has given Egypt more space for its maritime borders, and Libya has gained more than 17 thousand km of sea in which it can explore gas, oil and fish wealth.

However, this matter does not appeal to Greece and Cyprus, which will lose space on these borders, but why the UAE has interfered in this? And why do they insist on obstructing all solutions in Libya and supporting escalation and war, and killing more Libyans and creat economic hardships for them?

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