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Disarmament of Sirte, Al Jufrah, and the departure of mercenaries within 90 days … the most important provisions of the Geneva Agreement.

After many and intermittent negotiations and sessions, the Joint Military Committee signed “5 + 5” in its fourth round in the Swiss city of Geneva, arrangements for a cease-fire in all parts of Libya, after Haftar’s defeat and the failure of his aggression on the capital, which lasted for more than 19 consecutive months.

90 days

The terms of the agreement stipulated the establishment of a ceasefire and the disarmament of Sirte and Al-Jufra, and the departure of all mercenaries and foreign fighters from the Libyan territories in land, sea and air within a maximum period of 3 months.

The two parties agreed to evacuate all contact lines in all regions of the country from military units and armed groups by returning them to their original camps, which they were in before the aggression on the capital, Tripoli, on April 4, 2019.

The agreement also stipulated that the Security Chamber be tasked with proposing and implementing special security arrangements, in areas that will be evacuated from military units and armed formations, to ensure their security.

Confirmations of agreement

A member of the 5 + 5 committee of the Libyan army, Brigadier General Al-Fitouri Grebeil, said that the withdrawal process of the Wagner mercenaries and other mercenaries in the region will begin at the end of this week, or next week.

Grebeil added, in a statement to Libya Al-Ahrar, that sub-committees will be formed that will directly oversee the process of implementing the withdrawal of forces from the Sirte and Al-Jufra regions, and all areas where there is a military presence.

In turn, the head of Haftar’s delegation in the Joint Committee, Mrajaa Al-Amami, said that with this agreement, they accomplished “the end bloodshed Libyans call for ,” stressing their commitment to implementing the decisions agreed upon in Geneva, indicating that this agreement will contribute to achieving stability and security in Libya.

Among the articles signed, in the presence of the UN mission, is the immediate start of the process of counting and classifying armed groups and entities, with the aim of dismantling them, and setting up a mechanism and conditions for the reintegration of their members individually into state institutions for those who meet the required conditions and specifications for joining.

Demand for supervision

The Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Mohammed Gnunu, called on the United Nations Support Mission in Libya to send observers to the cities of Sirte, Al-Jufra and Brak Al-Shati, to identify and know the identity of the Syrian mercenaries who are being transferred to and from these areas and thousands of members of the Russian private security company Wagner.

Gnunu called for an international investigation that reveals to the world the heinous genocide crimes committed by Haftar’s militias and Alkani gangs against the people of Tarhuna.

The Libyan citizens still await the realization of the results of what has been agreed upon hoping that the suffering will be lifted, even partially, in the hope that this agreement will be an incentive for the rest of the Libyan-Libyan dialogue on the political and economic track.

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