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Destruction and mines make it difficult for the displaced of Tripoli to return to their homes.

Large numbers of IDPs in the south of the capital, Tripoli, are still not returning to their homes, those whose house was not destroyed are threatened by the presence of mines laid by the Haftar militias before they were defeated by the Libyan army forces in Operation Volcano of Anger.

We will not take risks

Buildings of Al-Sikka Road, not far from the headquarters of the GNA, are hosting large numbers of displaced people, including “Mohamed Nasruddin , who supports his family of 5 children, stressing that he will not risk returning to his home in Salah Addin.

He says in his speech to the Arraed : “My house is damaged, and the area where my is , is infested with mines, and the military engineering teams are still continuing their efforts.” He added that large numbers of IDPs who fill the buildings live in conditions similar to mine, he said.

While Nasruddin affirms the inability of large numbers of them to carry out maintenance to their homes that were destroyed by the aggression on the capital, he calls on the government to pay attention to the displaced persons, many of whom cannot return to their homes because it is in ruins.

Safe return

The destruction of homes and the proliferation of mines prompted the displaced woman, Widad Aoun, to contribute to the formation of a voluntary committee to arrange a safe return for the displaced, and to report any mines so that they can be removed in order to avoid the danger that threatens them.

“Aoun” stresses in the context of her speech to Arraed that mines are one of the obstacles facing the return of the displaced to their homes, adding that many of the displaced have lost their homes, including a neighbor who had a large part of his house is destroyed , she said.

Aoun says that she is not thinking of returning to her home on Al-Abyar road in Ain Zara after she was displaced from it on the first day of the aggression against the capital, adding that she inspected it and found bullet marks and nasty expressions on his walls.

Very soon

Whereas, citizen Mohammed Al-Senussi does not consider returning to his house located in the Al-Hadba region very soon after he was displaced from it in the second month of the aggression on the capital, Tripoli, due to the proliferation of mines and remnants of war.

Al-Senussi, who supports 3 children, told Arraed that he is still displaced in the same area, adding that his house and the neighboring houses were destroyed, and that his neighbors were afraid of returning because of mines, in addition to the interruption of electricity supplies and connections as a result of the war.

“Al-Senussi” concluded his speech that they had not received the support and attention of the state despite their suffering since 14 months ago, calling on the government to provide everything, he said.

not safe

The former head of the crisis committee in the municipality of Ain Zara Miftah Al-Fiqi divided the situation of the displaced to the displaced who returned, and others prevented from returning because of the destruction of their homes or planting of mines in them, stressing that any return of the displaced now is “unsafe”

Al-Fiqi added that mines are still taking lives after they caused the killing of two teams working to dismantle them, and wounding 2 expatriate workers in the red-guest house and Al-Raaibia areas.

“Al-Fiqi” concludes his speech to the Arraed by saying that the removal of mines from the areas of Ain Zara, Alhadba project, Salah Addin, the airport road, Khallet Al-Furjan and wildlife paves the way for a safe return of the displaced people without the presence of anything threatening their lives, according to his speech.

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