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Despite the retreat of his forces, Hafter is still talking about “liberating” Tripoli

In an attempt to divert attention from the military situation on the ground, the leader of
Al-Karama operation, Khalifah Haftar, appeared in a televised interview on Al-Hadath television channel, a situation that is becoming increasingly foggy in the western region.

More than 100 days and still at the same spot

After more than 100 days and 5 hours zero Hafar’s forces failed to impose themselves on the battlefield, which resorted to names and victories not known only by Al-Mismari and supporters of Haftar.

After the pro-dissident before Mismari and his false news, Hafetr came out speaking in a language closer to being a “religious lecture” speech that carried a lot of begging to raise the morale of his fighters and supporters.

Hafter’s strongholds are reduced.

Haftar spoke confidently across the screen as if he were living in a reality he could not see but he was talking about controlling of the capital and the deployment of security and safety in it, contrary to what the battlefield says.

Since April 6, his forces have not advanced a single meter, and if they do, they will soon return. Perhaps the most notable thing is the loss of his main stronghold in the western region of Tripoli; Gharyan, where it was under control for three months and lost in less than eight hours.

What about security in Benghazi?!

In his speech to his supporters, Hafter said that his mission and the task of his forces is to eliminate terrorism and on whom ever lift the weapon in the face of the citizens in Tripoli, as if his tongue says “the matter in Benghazi is permissible” and whoever wanted an answer, look for Sirqewa

A few days before, Siham Sirqewa in Benghazi was kidnapped in front of her house, an action that comes in contrast to what Hafter tried to prove in his speech on television.

Some may wonder why Hafter came out at this time, in particular, in a video and voice to give a speech to the people about the aggression on Tripoli. He did not come out at the time when the “liberation of Tripoli” was announced on April 4, but the answer would be available to everyone On the truth, the battlefield and what has happened over the past three months shows Hafter’s goal of getting out in front of the public.

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