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Despite the announcement of the cease-fire … the number of displaced people continues to increase.

Almost 55 days have passed since the truce and the ceasefire were announced, but the number of displaced people has not stopped increasing due to the repeated breach by the Hifter militias of the truce and its shelling of residential neighborhoods in the capital with Grad and indiscriminate rockets.

A number of the municipalities of the capital, Tripoli, especially those in the south of the capital, have witnessed a large displacement, because of their proximity to the clashes and the indiscriminate bombing, some of the displaced went from one area to another in the capital, and some of them went outside; due to high rental rates.

57 thousand families

The Director of the Information Office of the Social Solidarity Fund, Osama Al-Zayani, confirmed that the number of displaced families has increased to more than 57 thousand displaced families as a result of the aggression against Tripoli.

Al-Zayani indicated, according to media statements, that the reason for the numbers of families risen in this way is the indiscriminate bombing of Maitiga airport, Shorfat Almalaha, and the residential neighborhoods in the capital with an increasing and almost daily frequency.

12 thousand in Abusleem

For his part, the head of the Information Office of the Municipality of Abusleem Mohamed Ibrahim said that the number of displaced families in the municipality reached more than 12 thousand people, and that they provided some families with free housing, such as Alitihad Club Hotel, which contains 21 families, and the municipal hotel in Hey Alakwakh where 36 families reside , With 5 centers for memorization of the Qur’an were designated for the displaced.

Ibrahim added, in a statement to Arraed, that the number of civilian deaths as a result of indiscriminate shells by Hifter militias reached 20 civilians, including women, children and men, and a number of wounded were receiving treatment in the Abusaleem and Alhadba General Hospitals.

Ibrahim indicated that the most bombed areas in the municipality are Alintisar neighborhood and Abusleem buildings, noting that 13 schools were closed as a result of their location within the scope of the clashes, and transferred their students to other schools in the municipality.

Shorfat Almalaha was not spared

In the past two weeks, Shorfat Almalaha area near the Maitiqa International Airport has not been spared the indiscriminate shells fired by Hifter militias without caring about who will it hit, whether it was unarmed civilians or children as young as one year old ?

The Chief of Shorfat Almalaha, Othman Zarti, told Arraed that the situation of displacement is still continuing in the area due to the continuous shelling on it for days, which led to the closure of a number of schools in the area.

Zarti added that the bombing during the past days did not result in human casualties, but it caused losses of citizens’ property.

Indiscriminate bombing

Hifter Militias targets Maitiqa International Airport on daily basis with indiscriminate shells, wounding some airport employees, and causing material damage to civilian property.

Not only Maitiqa, the Hifter militias directed its shells to the Salah Adin, al-Hadaba and Abusleem areas and left 41 civilians dead and many wounded since the beginning of the truce alone.

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