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De Mayo: We cannot allow Hifter to enter Tripoli.

“We cannot allow the forces of Khalifa Hifter to enter the Libyan capital, Tripoli, because this“ means igniting a bloody war, ”said Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo, stressing that his government“ does not encourage any party against the other ”in the current armed conflict.

“de Mayo,” during a briefing before the Foreign and Defense Committees of the Senate and Representatives on the outputs of the Berlin International Conference, “that achieving stability in Libya is in our national interest”, and that Libya is a very important country in relation to the terrorist threat, the immigration problem, the energy issue, and important For neighboring countries that suffer from the Libyan situation.

It is worth noting that “de Mayo” expressed a few days ago his deep concern about the violations of the cease-fire in Libya, stressing Italy’s commitment to push the parties towards the restoration and respect of the armistice and the return to dialogue.

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