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Dbaiba: Turkey is an ally and a true partner of Libya.

On Sunday, the head of the unified government, Abdulhamid al-Dbaiba, said that Turkey is an ally, friend and brother country, and it has many capabilities, to help Libyans reach their true goals, it is a true partner for us.

Dbaiba added, in an interview with the Turkish “Anatolia” news agency, that Turkey has imposed its status and presence in the world, not only in Libya, and it is the only country that the Libyans were able to go to freely during the war.

Dbaiba explained that Turkey opened its airports and did not close its embassy in Tripoli, expressing his desire to raise the volume of trade exchange to the highest levels between the two countries.

It is worth noting that Abdulhamid al-Dbaiba was chosen as Prime Minister, from a list that included Mohammed al-Manifi, Abdullah al-Lafi, and Musa al-Koni for the Presidential Council, in the vote of the Libyan Political Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, last Friday.

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