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Dabaiba: We will fulfill the entitlement of the next elections.

The head of the National Unity Government, Abdulhamid Dbaiba, said that they will honor the electoral and constitutional entitlements and will cooperate positively with the new Presidential Council and all the sovereign institutions in the country.

Dbaiba stressed, in a listening session through visual communication circles with the members of the Dialogue Forum in Geneva, the need to turn the page on the past, extend hands for peace, and concentrate efforts to end the crises of the Libyans.

Dbaiba stressed that his government will work to solve the power outage crisis within 10 months, and to obtain the Coronavirus vaccines as soon as possible at any price.

Dbaiba stated that southern Libya will be among the priorities of his government’s work, especially in the field of health and roads, and that it is possible to establish a fuel refinery in those areas.

It is worth noting that the members of the Forum for Political Dialogue elected Friday, Abdulhamid Dbaiba as Prime Minister, Mhammed Al-Mnifi as President of the Presidential Council, and Musa Al-Koni and Abdullah Al-Lafi as his two deputies.

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