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Corruption Commission refers GNA Minister of Economy to AG office

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) referred on Wednesday, the Minister of Economy, the Budgetary Oversight Committee and the Budget Implementation Committee to the Public Prosecutor’s office over suspicions of corruption.

The commission’s chairman, Noman Al-Sheikh, said in a statement to ArraedLG, the decision of the referral came after the report of the joint committee between the Commission and the Audit Bureau and the Committee for Follow-up Credits of the Commission report that included the Department of Investigations, which in turn confirmed suspicions of corruption and recommended the referral to the Attorney General in addition to temporarily suspended.

Al-Sheikh added that the NACC requested the Minister and the assignees to submit a financial declaration, pointing out that the Commission is in the process of investigating with the mayors of municipalities because of financial suspicions, stressing that they are about to refer 6 mayors to the Attorney General’s Office without disclosing their identity.


The Presidential Council (PC) issued a resolution authorizing the disbursement of one and a half billion dollars; to import food commodities.

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