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Corona is spreading fast in the country … and municipalities complain of weak capabilities to confront the pandemic.

The health situation of Corona patients in the country has deteriorated to break the highest death barrier in the last 7 days, with 150 cases of the total deaths from the Corona virus all over Libya, which warns of a catastrophic situation, especially after the spread of what is known as the new strain of corona “London boom”

Isolation centers were not up to task; Due to the lack of equipment, medical personnel and operational materials, allocations exceeded one billion dinars, and the basic needs were not met to confront this pandemic, according to isolation centers and mayors of municipalities, while neighboring countries were able to confront it in the first months of last year.

Isolation center of Zliten appeals

A member of the “Together We Recover” and logistical support team, Ahmed Mohammed Al-Mariri, confirmed, in a statement to Arraed, on Saturday, that 3 cases died inside the center, including the head of the laboratory in the department, describing the situation as “catastrophic.”

Al-Mariri explained that the A, B and Heat departments in the center are completely full, pointing out that the center witnessed a large number of cases arriving from the south as a result of their lack of care there, indicating that the number of cases increased as a result of negligence and failure to follow the precautionary measures.

The situation in Sabha is bad

A spokesman for the Council of notables in Sabha Hassan Al-Raqiq, said, in a statement to Arraed Thursday, that the epidemiological situation in the city is bad, and there is an increase in the number of Coronavirus infections in the city; Because of the poor capabilities and an acute shortage of drugs, sterilization and oxygen.

Al-Raqiq explained that most of the injured in the city are elderly people over the age of 60, and the city has recorded some injuries to children, pointing out that most of the injured are committed to home quarantine and only critical cases enter isolation centers, indicating that the death rate has been stable since last November.

Al-Raqiq indicated that the city imposed a curfew. Because of three employees who are in contact with two schools, considering that this procedure is “absurd and incorrect,” explaining that the schools are committed to the precautionary measures and are prepared in terms of sterilizers and prevent students from entering the classroom without wearing masks, and the city has not recorded injuries to students.

Kabau is out of control

A medical source from the city of Cabau confirmed that the situation is out of control after a significant increase in the number of deaths, and that there are no accurate statistics; Because most of them died in their homes, indicating the high number of cases of Coronavirus, estimated in the hundreds in the city.

The source indicated, according to a press statement, that there is a great shortage of medical staff in the isolation center, which does not have adequate area to accommodate cases of infection, nor have the necessary operational materials such as oxygen, pointing out that the center has not received any support or assistance so far from the Ministry of Health.

Alarms of danger

While the director of medical affairs at the isolation center at the National Institute of Oncology, “Hmaida Badi”, sounded the alarm since last week, warning of a large wave of Corona virus, and that the number of cases has increased dramatically in recent days.

Badi explained, according to a press statement, that the situation is dangerous and threatens of disaster, and that the isolation center suffers from a lack of bed capacity and the intensive care rooms are full, indicating that if the number of cases continues to increase in this way, the center will not be able to accommodate more for several reasons, the most important of which is the lack of ventilators.

Badi appealed to citizens not to be reckless, to apply precautionary measures, and to wear a mask, especially while entering crowded places.

The Corona pandemic health file continues to flounder between officials and the relevant authorities without disclosing the deterioration of the situation, especially after they received a budget of more than one billion dinars.

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