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Composed by the Remnants of the Gaddafi regime … a prospective constitutional declaration of Haftar’s latest coup.

Arraed obtained from reliable sources in the city of Benghazi the details of the constitutional declaration that Haftar will issue in the name of what is known as the General Command, which he claimed had obtained a popular mandate to run the country, and announced on April 27 that the political agreement and all the constitutional bodies emanating from it had been overthrown, and that he would issue a new constitutional declaration determinning the form of the state and the manner in which it is to be administered at the stage when it takes over

Haftar’s announcement did not receive any international support, and many considered it a coup in the air, and expresses the state of despair and political defeat that Haftar suffers, especially as the constitutional bodies do not fall within his control, except for a group of deputies led by Aqeela Saleh in Tobruk, who rejected Haftar’s move, and mobilized tribes that worried Haftar , and made him postpone the issuance of his constitutional declaration.

According to our sources, the constitutional declaration that Haftar will issue consists of 67 articles, and the constitutional declaration is centered around the formation of the National Leadership Council that Haftar will chair, and he has absolute powers including issuing legislation, establishing independent constitutional bodies and naming their leaders, in addition to the authority to cancel Parliament, and fix the date of elections And its organization, as it has the power to appoint sovereign positions, to declare a state of emergency and war, and to sign and ratify international agreements and treaties.

Our sources confirmed that this announcement commissioned Haftar to prepare leaders from the Qaddafi regime allied with him (Ibrahim Bukhzam, Mustafa Al-Zaidi, and Imran Boukraa), in a clear affirmation of the alliance of the remnants of the Qaddafi regime with the project of militarization he led, and he kept the parliament led by Aqeela Saleh in an attempt to appease him, but stripping him of all his powers, and obliging him to take a decision in all laws referred to him within a month, otherwise it becomes effective in the name of the National Leadership Council, in addition to the House of Representatives approves the government, and if it is refused the first time, it is obligated to adopt it the second time or else The National Leadership Council approves it.

Hifter is expected to issue this constitutional declaration within the next two days, and instructions have been given to (Belaid Al-Sheikhi, Saleh Al-Fandi, and Al-Senousi Haleq), in order to mobilize tribal support to this declaration, and the practice advertising for this new adventure that the “old man of Alrajma” intends to take.

It is expected that Haftar’s move will increase his isolation after the recent statements of NATO and the American ambassador to Libya, in which the apparent dissatisfaction with the growing Russian role supporting Haftar emerged, and it is likely that Aqeela Saleh will reject this announcement and moves his tribal front against it.

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