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Coinciding with the spread of the Corona epidemic, international calls to stop the war … the GNA responded and Hifter bombarded Tripoli.

As usual, Hifter made the outputs of the Berlin conference a failure by not adhering to a ceasefire and the resumption of the political process,a , as his militia continued their well-known approach to bombing densely populated neighborhoods, killing and wounding civilian people.

With the spread of the Corona virus in more than 180 countries and its killing of people in major countries in the world, a number of countries, including big countries, called for stopping the fighting in Tripoli; to allow the government of reconciliation to confront the Corona virus, with Libya still among the few countries that have not registered cases of infection so far.

The GNA accepted the invitations that came from the embassies of Italy, Turkey, the United States of America, Algeria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Canada, the European Union mission and the UN mission in Libya, so will Haftar accept them as well?

Must respond

The journalist and writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer says that the aggressor militia leader Hifter will be forced to stop the war, not to respond to international calls, but rather to the disintegration that began in the ranks of his militias, due to the fear of the Corona virus, as his local gangs sense the severity of the disease and the expected infection of mercenaries.

In a statement to Arraed, Al-Kabeer stressed that his popular incubator in the eastern region started revolting around him, and that he would claim stopping the war as a way out to save face, noting that he had never responded at any time earlier to any initiatives to stop the war, and now he is forced to change at the international level Because of corona.

Will not respond

On the other hand, political analyst Faraj Dardour believed that Hifter would not stop his war because his project that he was planning depended on his victory in the war, or that he would be finished, so he would take advantage of all opportunities available to him.

Dardour added, in a statement to Arraed, that the world is now busy with the Corona virus, and no one will pay attention to his crimes, explaining that these are just calls from embassies this is what they do, and that he knows that France and Russia will protect him from international sanctions.

The onus on the international community

For his part, Alaa Farouk, a journalist interested in the Libyan issue, expected that the aggressor militia leader will try to show the world that he is a man of peace, and that he may make some violations, as he did not abide by the armistice previously.

Farouk said, in a statement to Arraed, that the onus remains on the international community in how to apply this expected new truce and develop it in the form of an agreement signed by the two parties, and use it directly to restart the negotiation process, noting that in light of the world’s preoccupation with the Corona virus, interest in the Libyan file will diminish. .

Farouk believed that the Corona virus might be an opportunity to stop the sounds of bombing and artillery in Libya, but the fear is that the epidemic file will be used to settle scores, which can have negative affects on the Libyan citizen his health condition.

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