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Coast Guard: Seized fuel tanker arrives to Tripoli

The Libyan coastguard announced on Thursday, the arrival of the fuel tanker, which was seized on Wednesday 8 miles north of the coast of Abu kammash, to the Tripoli naval base.

Libyan naval spokesperson Ayoub Qassem told ArraedLG, 8 people of Greek nationality were detained on board fuel tanker Lamar, which was seized by Sabratha vessel carrying the flag of Togo and operated by the Greek company Volmar.

Qassem added that the tanker was seized because it was in the Libyan territorial waters and in a suspicious area where Libyan fuel is smuggled, in addition to being there without the permission of the Libyan maritime authority.

The Libyan naval spokesperson stressed that the carrier’s case would be referred to the appropriate prosecution after completion of legal procedures and preliminary investigation.


The Libyan Coast Guard seized several ships and tankers that smuggled fuel in the area mentioned in previous times.

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