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Citizens of Misrata Call on GNA to Complete Hospital Renovations

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


On Friday, citizens from Misrata, Libya’s third largest city, gathered for a demonstration calling for the Libyan unity Government in Tripoli (GNA) to follow through with the needed renovations for the Misrata Hospital.

The demonstrators said they were demonstrating to save their city’s hospital, which has been overwhelmed and overcrowded with casualties coming in from the battles against ISIS in nearby Sirte. Locals are hoping that their protests will prompt the GNA to realize the urgency in completing the construction of the hospital which began nine years ago, according to Al-Binyan Al-Marsous Operations Media Centre.

The Media Centre said the hospital renovations were 80 percent complete before they were stopped, however, no explanation was given as to why renovations were halted.

Though the hospital has been overwhelmed by the injuries coming from Sirte, it is also serving the medical needs of the local population, further adding to the sense of urgency for the completion of the hospital’s construction.

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