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Cities regained in succession and progress south of Tripoli … Haftar militias collapse in the face of army strikes.

The Libyan army has been continuing in recent days to regain the cities and make progress after the other, amid the retreat of the Haftar militias, whose total collapse is just around the corner.

Salah Addin

The field commander of the Volcano of Anger operation at the axis of Salah Addin , Lieutenant Hamza Zarmouh, confirmed the army’s control of the Altikbali camp and the College of Police Officers and Salah Addin passports office.

“Zarmouh” added, in a statement to Arraed, that the army destroyed 5 armed vehicles of the Haftar militias, and monitored dozens of dead bodies during their progress, explaining that the battles are still continuing, and the progress is in accordance with a plan to save the forces from the mines laid by the militias.

Al Swaihli intersection

On the other hand, a military source in the Ain Zara axis, who preferred not to be named, announced that the army forces had taken control of the intersection of the “Four Streets” of Al Swaihli and its surroundings amid a clear retreat of the Haftar militias. The source assured Arraed that progress is continuing towards the Gaza market, indicating that there is weak resistance from the militias which predicts their collapse.

Cities falling

Prior to these advances, the army announced, Thursday, its control of the cities of Al-Asabaa, Mizdah, Al-Shaqiqah, and Al-Qudamah Gate, and to advance thereafter. And before that, on May 18th, the Alwittia airbase and the cities of Tiji and Badr fell into the hands of the army after the militias of Haftar were pushed back from the base.

Amid this apparent collapse of the Haftar militias, some cities have issued statements confirming their affiliation with the GNA, and that they will not harbor the Haftar militia fleeing army strikes.

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