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Chad’s chaos … led by mercenaries who fought in Libya with Haftar.

Haftar’s mercenaries threaten the region … and Chad is the first to be affected.

During the past two days, the country of Chad has witnessed security tensions and clashes between government forces and some rebels with external support, which led to the killing of Chadian President Idriss Debi.

What drew attention is the fact that a number of these rebels were present in Libya and fought with Haftar’s militia in his war on Tripoli, and they were stationed in different regions of Libya.

The beginning was by an armed group that was stationed in Libya, called the Front for Change and Accord, when it attacked a Chadian border post in the north of the country on election day.

The first chaos outside Libya

These groups, which were in Libya, received training and military equipment, and were able to fight their external wars on their own.

Chad was the first country affected by Haftar and his mercenaries that benefited from the war with him, causing security chaos in Chad, killing Chadian President Idris Debi and announcing a military coup in the country, and the appointment of a military council led by the son of the murdered president.

UAE armored vehicles

It seems that Haftar no longer needs the armored vehicles provided by the UAE during his aggression on Tripoli and before that, after his failure, so he decided to transfer the matter to neighboring countries, where a number of activists circulated videos showing the presence of these armored vehicles in the battles in Chad.

The armored vehicles carried the Libyan flags, which were not removed when taking them out of Libya across the border.

Strained relationship

A number of observers linked the events in Chad with the military support the rebels received from Haftar and his supporters in overthrowing the Chadian government; As it recently witnessed a tense relationship after Debi objected to Haftar’s aggression against Tripoli, which Dubai considered a passing event.

Although the state of France was supportive of Haftar, and Debi’s close relationship with it is not hidden, Haftar did not expect this stance from Debi.

It seems that Debi was disturbed by Haftar’s use of mercenaries to support him, which in Debi’s view was a threat to the security of neighboring countries.

The Libyan south is in danger

With the security chaos that has happened in Chad and the lack of security, southern Libya remains in an escalating security risk, through the return of thousands of mercenaries to their bases, which Haftar had previously brought in several areas, such as Al Jufrah.

And with what the Libyan south witnessed before that of a dire situation of deteriorating security, health and living conditions, the potential for displacement from Chad to Libya “is a severe misery” that adds to the south’s problems, Which requires serious action by the Libyan government.

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